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certificate protection

Fake and counterfeit certificates are being circulated so much that employers and authentic certificate holders often end up paying the harsh price of recruiting falsifiers and losing job opportunities. This global service is in favor of these possible victims of fake document issuers. All the certificates provided with our services are uploaded by a verified issuing authority approved by a higher authority in the same organization and are subjected to review by us. We at are happy to help those authentic certificate holders and employers to verify the validity of their documents opening the door to better chances at careers and business. We hold your hands protecting your opportunities.

Certificates are considered the ultimate proof of a person’s qualifications. But in the new age of technology where printing techniques put out counterfeit certificates that fail even the original ones, one requires a foolproof and fail-safe method to verify the validity and authenticity of these documents.

The certificate authentication service is positioned as a value added service to the certificate holders and issuing authorities - mainly educational institutes, employers and other enterprises. The students can renew the protection period after 10 or 20 years of normal protection as per terms of service.

Product Protection

Counterfeiting results in a revenue loss of 300 to 400 billion USD or more for the original manufacturers every year, and consumers end up with substandard products causing huge risks to life and property.

For avoiding counterfeit, manufacturers build security features to the production line and packaging. But it helps only their inspectors to identify counterfeits and not consumers. Consumers continue buying counterfeits.

Moreover the same technology is available to counterfeit manufacturers as well. All security systems including Hologram, RFID, Special printing features, Internal circuits etc. are successfully copied by them. Even systems based on nanotechnology are vulnerable to counterfeiting for various reasons.

New developments in anti-counterfeit systems are based on controlling the supply chains. But it will be ineffective as 90% of the counterfeit goods are injected to the supply chain at a very lower end - one or two steps above the final distribution to stores or retailers. These systems cannot stop counterfeiting as it is done deliberately by some active elements in the supply chain itself.

The only system that will effectively help fighting and eliminating counterfeits is a system that will help the end-user or consumer to identify a counterfeit product. This is a system which clearly tells the consumer whether the product is from the original manufacturer.

Our service at ConfirmOriginal.Com also delivers an excellent service to manufacturers and their consumers. In the case of a consumer he can ensure the product he purchased is original. These days people are more concerned about fake or counterfeit products of low quality. So our service will improve manufacturer's brand value and the consumers will prefer to buy the same brand again and again as they can use it without fearing about fake and counterfeit products. Our cost is quite negligible for manufactures when they are comparing it with the benefit and increase in sales they will achieve.


Veritable Documentos Pvt Ltd is in the process of extending our service all over India and abroad by appointing Franchisees in unrepresented cities. It is an excellent opportunity. The Franchisees will introduce our service to the brand owners and educational institutions who will signup and use our service. Continuous income to the Franchisees in future is the major advantage with our business model.

Veritable Documentos Pvt Ltd (VDPL), providing ITES (IT Enabled Services) is serving two sectors :
(1) Product Protection.
(2) Document Protection.

VDPL is inviting Franchisees and Master Franchisees:
(1) Master Franchisees
(2) Marketing Franchisees.

1. Master Franchisee : Master Franchisees are those who can take care of and monitor the marketing franchisees in the state. They will be responsible for performance in their states. Please send us your contact for terms and conditions for Master Franchisees and Marketing Franchisees.

Andhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal

2. Marketing Franchisees : We need Marketing Franchisees in the following cities/states and other places which are feasible for promoting our service. Marketing Franchisees need to address the targeted audience under their area.

1. What shall I do as a Marketing Franchisee?
We are providing Document Protection Services. Educational institutions use our service to make their certificate instantly verifiable.
We are also providing Product and Brand Protection Services embedded with sales promotional activities to original manufacturers. We also give features for occasional sales promotion activities by our clients over and above our promotional activities. Our service will help them to build better consumer confidence     and loyalty for their products. Hence our service will increase their income from sales.
A Marketing Franchisee's job is to introduce these services to the original manufacturers, brand owners and educational institutions issuing certificates (mainly in the private sector) in the selected cities.

2. What are my advantages as a Marketing Franchisee?
  Freedom at work.
  It will grow into a business. So most suitable for self employment. You can work full time or part time.
  Office and other expensive infrastructure are not required. When essential we will provide them.
  We will give you necessary training. You need not follow up a client after the initial sign-up and first transaction. We will directly take care of the client and future business with them. However we will send you copies of every invoice so that you can keep track of your business growth.
  You will start earning as soon as you get your first contract.
  Once you perform well by the end of first year you will be earning a very good monthly income.
  An excellent opportunity for you to build up a regular income for the future.
  Your income from your clients will continue as long as the clients continue using our services and you remain working as a Marketing Franchisee.

If you are interested in proceeding with us please let us know immediately. We will discuss with you in detail and proceed to an interview and appointment. You can start working soon after the training of two or three days.

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